Greer Gorilla Warfare MKII *Free Shipping in the USA*

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This is a brand new Greer "Gorilla Warfare MKII" and it comes with the original box! We offer free shipping in the USA!
Here is some information from Greer's website:

We’ve all had those late nights, filled with loud music, questionable
decisions, and the occasional run-in with a big, beastly monster that
wants to rip our faces off…right? Well…this is that night, in pedal
form. The Gorilla Warfare MKII is a pedal that we have had a ton of
requests for over the years. (We even did a super limited run of this
pedal a while back, with a different graphic, slightly tweaked circuit,
and a different chip…that was then, this is now, and this…this is
better.) I’ve been asked more times than I can count to do a “Greer Amps
version of the RAT circuit…and do it right”…well…here it is. This is
our angry, aggressive, larger-than-life and not-holding-back version of
the old familiar circuit, complete with the good old LM308 chip. That’s
an important detail—so we smacked it on the faceplate. This beast is
powered by the same vintage chip that sparked folklore galore back in
the day. We updated a few things, including the quality of the
components used in the circuit, and you know that old Filter knob? Well,
we turned it into a Tone control. It covers the exact same territory
the original Filter control did, but…when you turn it up, you get more
treble! AMAZING, I know! This beast is ready to melt rigs, rip faces
off, and go to war. If you’re ready to try to tame this beast, step on
up. If you’re ready to rock out, spit fire, and roast your ear holes,
the Gorilla Warfare MKII is just what you need.
The Gorilla
Warfare MKII is powered by 9 volt center tip negative 2.1mm standard
power supply cable, built in an aluminum enclosure that’ll outlast most
of humanity, with an old school true-bypass switch that feels good to
step on, and a faceplate that’s gold and black but in some lights looks
desert tan and black (now ain’t that just cool!?).