JHS Pedals Tidewater Tremolo *Free Shipping in the USA*

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Have you ever ridden the sonic waves of a vintage Fender
blackface or Vox tremolo flowing like water from the speaker? Then you
know that this kind of tone can make you feel like you’re sailing on a
million dollar yacht. The Tidewater Tremolo faithfully recreates this
beloved amp tremolo with a warmth and character you would only expect
from a vintage amp. With simple controls and a small footprint, you’ll
be sailing the high seas of tone with the Tidewater Tremolo.

The controls are Volume, Mix and Speed. The Volume allows you to set
the overall volume at unity, below unity, or above unity for a boosted
tone. With the Mix turned all the way down you can use the Tidewater as a
warm preamp boost. The Mix knob controls the depth of the tremolo while
the Speed knob controls how fast the tremolo moves, indicated by the
LED next to the Speed knob. Inside the pedal on the back of the PCB
there are three small dip-switches. When all three switches are in the
down position, the range of speed available is faster. When all three
switches are in the up position, the available range of speed is slower.

When you want a simple amp-like tremolo that doesn’t take up much space, the Tidewater Tremolo is your vessel of choice.

This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes 3 mA, and measures 3.6"x1.5"x1"