Keeley Mod Workstation *Free Shipping in the USA*

Keeley Mod Workstation *Free Shipping in the USA*

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The Mod Workstation gives you eight of Keeley’s incredible modulation
effects. Swirling, twisting, watery, and spacey effects are often the
perfect compliment to bold guitar sounds. Many of the sounds in the Mod
Workstation have an increased range in order to work well with tap
tempo. Several of the sounds are new, ones that we have perfected over
the last year. Add the new Delay Workstation to the Mod Workstation and
you have a very lean and powerful pedal board!

The Mod
Workstation combines Keeley’s two most popular overdrives, the
1962/Katana and the Oxblood along with a set of eight modulation
effects, including Harmonic Tremolo, Phase, Chorus, Flanger, Rotary
Speaker, and more. Do you need just a touch of sheen or shimmer? Set
for ADT, Chorus, and Phaser. If you need something vintage and full of
vibe, try the Standard or Harmonic Tremolo, the Oscillating Filter or
Rotary Speaker settings. Want something wild? Try the Flanger or the
Random Sample & Hold Filter settings. Typically these effects are
best used after overdrives and distortions, so they match perfectly in
the Mod Workstation.

Mod Workstation Modulation Effects:

Tremolo – Standard volume or amplitude modulation tremolo in which the
Tone Control is the shape of the waveform. The oscillator goes from
triangle to square wave.

2 Harmonic Tremolo – Legendary tone from
Brown Face amplifiers in the 1960s. Your guitar’s tone is cut into two
bands–bass and treble–and then modulated with a pair low frequency
oscillators (LFOs) that are out of phase with each other. When these
bass and treble bands are modulated by oscillators that are out of step
with each other, the result is very intoxicating. The Tone Control
simultaneously moves the the Low and High Pass filters, giving you the
perfect vibe for your rig.

3 Oscillating and Random Filter – Tone
Control adjusts LFO in oscillating envelope filter. It’s like blending
a vibe and autowah! If you turn the Tone Control above noon it becomes
a random sample & hold filter like the old Maestro units. Perfect
for the Frank Zappa Ship Ahoy sound.

4 Phaser – Tone Control adjust the feedback and richness of the 4 stage phaser.

ADT – the Keeley true-chorus Automatic Double Tracker. Depth Control
adjust the delay time from 0-60 milliseconds. The Rate Control adjusts
the tuning 0-60 cents. The Tone Control is a blend control to add more
of the doubled voice as needed.

6 Analog Chorus/Vibrato – The
Tone Control is a blend control. Turn it CCW to give you Pitch Vibrato
and CW to give you an analog BBD sounding chorus.

7 Flanger – The Tone Control adjusts the Feedback of the Flanger.

8 Leslie Rotary Speaker – Tone Control adjusts blend from Drum to Horn, perfect for fine tuning the timbre.

Overdrive, 8 Modulation Effects, Tap Tempo, Effect Insert. Includes
Chorus, Flange, Rotary, Harmonic Trem, Phaser, Random Filter and Hold