LR Baggs Anthem Tru-Mic Acoustic Soundhole Microphone/Undersaddle Pickup * Acoustic Guitar Pickup

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The LR Baggs Anthem Tru-Mic Acoustic Pickup will change the way you
look at mic pickups! This feedback-busting, natural-sounding pickup is
the result of over 30 years of effort. There's no modeling and no
illusions going on here. The Anthem is strictly a well-designed
microphone that picks up your guitar - clean, clear, and full of
dynamics. While many guitar mics are way too prone to feedback or just
as bad... give you that annoying "boxy sound" when used alone... the LR
Baggs Anthem is like having your acoustic sound just "turned up," so
it's full of detail, warmth, and personality.

So how does it work? We won't launch entirely into all the nitty
gritty and the exhausting research the LR Baggs team went through to
design the Anthem. What we will say is that they developed proprietary
noise-canceling technology that avoids that helps avoid that honky/boxy
sound and keep your acoustic tone sounding pure and natural. Plus, a
specially designed placement system picks up the sound of the vibrations
of your entire soundboard, so the Anthem is surprisingly free of
placement issues.

The control unit of the Anthem is extremely lightweight and features
just the essentials: Volume, Mix, and Phase. It nestles inside the
soundhole for easy fingertip access. With the Mix control, you can blend
between the augmented mic and the full-range pickup. There's also a
multi-segment battery check to maximize battery life.

LR Baggs Anthem Acoustic Guitar Pickup Features at a Glance:

  • Microphone acoustic guitar pickup
  • Feedback-avoiding design
  • Noise-canceling technology to avoid "honky" or "boxy" sonic qualities
  • Tru-Mic system makes the mic unusually free from placement issues
  • Control unit fits inside soundhole: Volume, Mix, and Phase controls