Pedaltrain PT-M20-SC Metro 20 Pedal Board with Soft Case

Pedaltrain PT-M20-SC Metro 20 Pedal Board with Soft Case

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The Pedaltrain Metro 20 compact pedalboard works perfectly for
players with smaller pedal configurations. Now you don't have to lug
around a big, cumbersome board just to have quick connectibility to your
signal chain. The Metro 20 is the ideal size for transporting and using
a few of your go-to stompboxes. Its elegantly simple aluminum
construction, light weight, and included hook-and-loop material give you
an incredibly versatile platform for whatever you're putting at your
feet onstage. A padded cordura nylon gig bag is included with the
Pedaltrain Metro 20 pedalboard.

Pedaltrain Metro 20 Compact Aluminum Pedalboard Features:

  • Durable 20" x 8" aluminum alloy pedalboard
  • Open, elevated, angled frame design for easy reach of pedals
  • Can connect cables neatly and securely over, under, and through surface slots
  • Easy to add, remove, rearrange, or bypass pedals
  • Includes hook and loop material for easy anchoring of your effects pedals
  • Comes with updated soft case with waterproof fabric and self-sealing zippers
  • Lasting powder-coat finish

The Pedaltrain Metro 20 makes an ideal platform for your go-to pedals!