Quilter Aviator Cub Combo Amp *Free Shipping in the USA*

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The Aviator Cub represents Quilter's most advanced single channel combo
amplifier. After careful sourcing and testing, Quilter packed in three
historical treasures: a '60 Tweed, a '62 Blonde, and a '65 Blackface.
Unleashing them is as easy as plugging into the era you want to play in.
Built for speed, the Aviator Cub is as powerful as it is lightweight
and economical.

Combining forces with world-class speaker manufacturer Eminence, we
developed a super-sonic 12-inch speaker that delivers all of the charm
of classic low powered speakers, but with 50 watt power handling; a
speaker that's first in its class. Whether you're after the mid-range
power of a Tweed, the throaty yet bell-like Blonde, or the scooped
mid-range and silky highs of a Blackface, the Aviator Cub delivers it
all without ever breaking a sweat.