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The Spring Reverbs

The True Spring’s reverb effects are based on a
mechanical design originated by the Hammond Organ Company™ in the late
1930s. This stark design uses a pair of input and output transducers to
inject an instrument’s dry signal into an actual set of spring coils and
capture the very distinct reverberations as the sound bounces back and
forth within the springs. Of course, Leo Fender adopted this design in
the 1960s with the some of his "blackface" amplifiers and a revolution
was born.
  • Short Spring Reverb: Modeled
    after the unmistakable twang of "blackface" amplifiers of the 1960s.
    After extensive research we found tremendous diversity in the spring
    reverb sounds of a variety of amps. Some offered a tighter, less
    animated tone while others sounded “drippier,” with longer sustain and
    livelier reverb trails. The SHORT Spring reverb engine offers a taut sound with a quick decay and smooth trails.
  • Long Spring Reverb: Produces long and deep reverb decays with noticeable “drip” and highly animated trails. The LONG Spring engine is not as dramatic as the TANK
    Reverb engine, but does offer an extremely authentic representation of
    some of the livelier reverb tanks found in vintage combo amps.
  • Tank Spring Reverb (Outboard Spring):
    Captures the unmistakable effect of the tube driven outboard spring
    tanks of the 60s. The sound of reverb tanks like the classic Fender
    6G15™ are characterized by their “drippy” attack and animated trail.
    This original two-spring design produces a bouncing, delay like sound
    inseparable from the early days of surf rock and spaghetti western