Strymon Iridium Amp & IR Cab sim cabinet simulator *Free Shipping in the US*

Strymon Iridium Amp & IR Cab sim cabinet simulator *Free Shipping in the US*

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Leave Your Amp At Home.

Nothing reveals the true nature of your guitar and your
playing like a world-class tube amp driving a perfectly matched speaker
cabinet in a great sounding room. Now there is a pedal that truly
delivers that sound and feel, with simple controls for effortlessly
dialing in the perfect amp tone when going direct. Discover inspiring
tube amp responsiveness, unprecedented impulse response speaker cabinet
realism, and controllable natural sounding room ambience.

Go Direct With Gorgeous Tone.

Iridium gives you three iconic amplifiers, with a total of
nine impulse response speaker cabinets that complement the tonality of
the amp. Skip the hassle of lugging around or miking amps. Place Iridium
on your pedalboard and send gorgeous stereo amplifier tones, stunningly
realistic cabs, and lush room ambience direct to a recording interface
or PA system. With Iridium, it’s a snap to dial in a direct tone that
will truly inspire and sound great whether you are monitoring through
in-ears, floor wedges, reference monitors, or studio headphones.

Three Iconic Amplifiers

Our Matrix Modeling™ process captures all the subtleties
and unique tonal qualities of each amplifier. We’ve taken three iconic
tube amps with distinct characters and mathematically modeled every
aspect of their circuitry with absolute precision to deliver the
response, feel, and inspiring experience of playing through the original
amps at their best. Taking the process a step further, we’ve hot-rodded
each amp to provide an extended range of tonal options beyond what was
available from the original designs.

Nine Stereo IR Cabinets

Iridium’s speaker cabinets offer a level of realism and
responsiveness unprecedented in outboard effects. Iridium delivers full
stereo 24bit 96kHz resolution for the entire 500 milliseconds of its
speaker cabinet impulse responses. Until now, IRs of this resolution
have only been available for use within studio recording software.
Iridium’s breakthrough technology means you can use the very best
impulse responses available, bringing maximum realism to your

Adjustable Room Ambience

Iridium’s hybrid room reverb combines a 256 millisecond
stereo impulse response with Strymon’s reverb tank algorithm for
extended decay. This combination places your amp and cab in a natural
sounding room (small, medium, or large), creating a space for your amp
to open up and breathe.