Walrus Audio EB-10 Pre-amp Boost / EQ Cream Edition *Free Shipping in the USA*

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A tone tweakers delight, the EB-10 works as a preamp, EQ and boost
with three available presets to meticulously craft your guitar's sound
allowing for studio-grade electric guitar tone in a live setting. Each
rotary knob offers up to 12dB of boost OR cut of Low, Mid, and High
frequencies, based on where you have the toggle switches set. When
the Boost switch is engaged, add a 10dB MOSFET boost for some great
extra punch.

Use the EB-10 to compensate when switching between low and high
output instruments. Push through the mix during solos, or even use the
onboard presets as three different gain stages by using combinations of
increasing boosted EQ settings and the Boost switch! With nine different
EQ positions on each knob, bring out new tonal characteristics you
didn't know your guitar or bass even had.

The EB-10 offers two operating modes, “Live” and “Preset”. In
live mode, the pedal responds to current position of all the knobs and
switches. Dial in a specific sound and turn the pedal on and off with
the Bypass switch. In preset mode, the pedal offers preset slots to
store three unique sounds. When in preset mode, the pedal is locked on
and the user can scroll through the presets by clicking the Bypass
switch. The pedal will boot up in the last known operating mode and if
that is preset mode, it loads preset 1 by default. Enter preset mode by
pressing and holding the bypass switch for 3 seconds until you see the
preset light P1 turn on. Repeat to exit. You are in live mode when all
preset lights are off. Refer to the manual on saving presets.

A portion of proceeds from each pedal sold will be donated to .


The EB-10 comes coated in , Matte Black and Cream enclosures with art inspired by vintage studio equipment. Design by Tyler Evans.

The die-cast enclosure’s exact size is 3.68” x 4.67” x 1.547”. Power requirements are 9VDC, center negative (100mA minimum).

The use of an
isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Walrus Audio
Pedals. Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended. Power supply not