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Would you like to command all of existence with the authority of one guitar strike?

The Kangra Filter Fuzz is a true bypass, two-in-one pedal
that provides a thick and spatty octave fuzz, and a psychedelic filter
thats great for sweeps, frequency boost or even envelope filter sounds.
The filter can run independently, or with the fuzz feeding into it. This
is no rhythm player’s fuzz. Dig in and play dirty with aggressive fuzz
lead lines that’ll rip time and space apart at the seams.

SNL Guitarist and fuzz fanatic, Jared Scharff,
approached us about doing a modern filtered and fuzz inspired by his
favorite vintage fuzz pedal, the Kay Fuzz Tone. Working together
through hundreds of texts, calls, emails and mailing prototypes back and
forth, the Kangra came to life with plenty of grit, teeth and vintage
vibe, as well as pronounced modern features.


Get two different styles of fuzz with the M/V Switch. In the
modern position (M), you notice a more forgiving fuzz with longer and
tighter sustain, while the Vintage position (V) feels starved with
spatty breakup and grittier, shorter sustain.


The Kangra also has a versatile filter with Resonance,
Sensitivity, Frequency and Envelope Filter controls. Use the filter on
its own to add a unique shape to your sound, or flip the Envelope Filter
switch and open up funky sixties style tones.

“On the filter, I wanted to go for that vintage mpc 3000 low
pass type of thing…Or similar to doing a low pass plug-in for a track,
or like a dj would do without it being too “wah pedal” like, and this
achieved that.” - Jared Scharff

The art was inspired by a once in a life time expedition Jared
took to the Kangra Valley near the Himalaya Mountains. It was there his
journey inspired new ideas that can only approximated by the Kangra
Filter Fuzz. The pedal comes in a peach enclosure with art by Adam
Forster in white and blue inks.


The diecast enclosure’s exact size is 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39". Power requirements are 9VDC, Center Negative, (100mA minimum).

The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering
all Walrus Audio Pedals. Daisy chain power supplies are not
recommended. Power supply not included.